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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Ingenious method enables sharper flat-panel displays at lower energy costs
UMD-headquartered project uses nanoslits to control light  April 26, 2016  More »

NEES project shows hybrid battery/capacitor with off-the-charts cycling capacity

Manganese oxide-coated nanowires in gel provide steady, ready power  April 20, 2016  More »

Grad student Chuan Shi wins energy research fellowship
Alireza Khaligh student will develop miniature power electronics converters for Smart Grids.  March 2, 2016  More »

You’ll Never Be-Leaf What Makes up This Battery
UMD materials scientists bake oak leaf, add sodium to cook up new large-scale battery possibility  January 28, 2016  More »

The “Warhol Batteries”

Leite Lab advances the understanding of aluminum electrodes in all-solid-state Li-ion batteries  December 2, 2015  More »

UMD & Army Researchers Discover Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries
Greatest potential uses seen in safety-critical, automotive and grid-storage applications  November 19, 2015  More »

UMD Researchers Creating First Onboard Fast-Charging System for Electric Vehicles
NSF funds innovative interdisciplinary research for Khaligh and McCluskey  September 11, 2015  More »

University of Maryland Researchers Accept NASA Mission: Build a Better Battery for Space Exploration
UMD researchers awarded NASA funding for advanced energy storage technology  August 18, 2015  More »

New Battery Demonstrates “Sweet Spot” of Electrolyte Thickness and Composition
Atom-scale synthesis makes highly conductive LiPON for solid-state battery  July 28, 2015  More »

Small Can Be Strong and Tough
The smaller the cellulose fibers, the stronger and tougher the paper they make, to UMD researchers’ surprise   July 8, 2015  More »